Best Things to Do at the Soundstage Lounge!

So there I was... wandering around Disney's Hollywood Studios on an extremely hot summer day. The sun was beating down, and I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust at any moment. That's when I saw the sign... just past where the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow used to be. We won't talk about that attraction right now... because, well, I try not to say anything terribly negative. But I have gotten off course... I saw the sign:

...and it opened up my eyes.
A new lounge? Cool down? I like lounges! In fact, one of my current projects is to visit each of Walt Disney World's lounges and try at least one of their snacks and signature beverages. This sounds great!

The face of unbridled excitement.
The door was presided over by a cast member, I assume to keep too many people from rushing into this amazing new attraction. So I round the corner, seeing some pretty neat blue mood lighting...

So what can you do in this gorgeous lounge? Well... for one thing, you can sit on a bench, which I did immediately.

The face of a man sitting on a bench.
It's a great place to get hydrated!

The face of hydration.
Of course, you'll have to be sure to bring your own drink. There isn't a bartender, soda vendor, vending machine, or drinking fountain in sight... but there is a place to recycle!

Stay environmentally friendly, folks.
As I sat, I took in my surroundings. A few photos of Walt lined the walls, as well as the formerly talking pirate skull from the attraction I won't mention again in here.

Nope... not going to talk about the Halloween store display...
And, of course, there's always another bench over there to look at - very entertaining.

The pinnacle of Imagineering.
Maybe I should go sit in it...

You may be wondering why I didn't look directly into the camera when I was taking these pictures. It is mainly because I'm an idiot who doesn't know how selfies work. But I do know what a good nap looks like...

The face of the Soundstage Lounge
There was a little bit of magic at the Soundstage Lounge, however. After a while I began to wish I was somewhere else at Walt Disney World. Anywhere else. And I wished hard.

The face of wishing... or constipation. Not sure which.
Hey, it worked! I ended up at the Crew's Cup at Disney's Yacht Club! Amazing!

The face of satisfaction.
 Ignore the additional sunburn. It's a side effect of traveling via Disney magic, not at all a result of me taking that photo later in the day, stop being silly. So next time you're at Disney's Hollywood Studios, be sure to drop by the brand new Soundstage Lounge - it'll make you believe in the power of wishes!

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